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Vision Activation Workbook

In order to manifest more abundance, you must get clear and align yourself with the mystical and tactical actions  that will bring your desires to reality.


This workbook will serve as a guide for  you to reflect and map out your vision  and priorities for the next 90 days with  more ease. 

Meet Jada aka Spiritual Marketing Goddess

She is the CEO of Glow Vibes Social Consulting, an Instagram Branding & Marketing agency that specializes in helping overwhelmed and busy entrepreneurs create an aligned Instagram marketing strategy that generates leads 24/7 without having a huge audience or spending all their time online.

After closing over 31k in sales through Instagram and being on track to hit 6 figures within less than 6 months of going full-time in her own business, she decided to show others how they could monetize their passions online and do the same!



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